October 16, 2023 

As a result of the ongoing crisis in the region, Jordan River Village immediately suspended all planned programming, swiftly pivoting to provide essential support to displaced families of children with serious illnesses and special needs. Amongst the services being provided at this time: 

  • Hosting and housing 92 displaced children with special needs and their family members and securing an additional 49 beds at a hotel to accommodate even more families. 
  • Providing three nutritious meals each day to every child, family member, caretaker, and volunteer. 
  • A dedicated team of almost 100 volunteers actively contributing to efforts, including providing day-programming for displaced children in the surrounding towns and villages. 
  • The Village’s social workers are on hand to offer vital emotional and psychological support to displaced children and families.

Jordan River Village opened its doors in 2012 to deliver life-changing recreational activities and programs to children living with chronic illnesses and disabilities from throughout the region. The Village was founded and continues to operate with the principle that ALL children deserve to experience childhood. No child is ever turned away because of race, religion, ethnicity, or socio-economic level—and all are welcomed free of charge. 

The work being carried out by the Village right now is a testament to the role the Village plays as a beacon of hope and compassion in the region. The entire SeriousFun Children’s Network community is committed to supporting Jordan River Village during this time of great unrest and distress.  

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