10+ Low Cost, No Cost DIY Halloween Costumes


Allison Csonka
Associate Director of Individual Giving


Oh no…it’s Halloween. The horror! The fright! The terror! The shivers that run down your spine when you realize it's here and you're in immediate need of a costume! *cue spooky music*

While there are many reasons to scream this season, coming up with a last-minute costume for you or your little ones doesn’t need to be one of them—as long as you keep your wits about you and switch on your camp-state-of-mind to get through. 

You see, when kids and volunteers come to a SeriousFun camp or program, they never know when they just might need to be a superhero, adventurer, or princess at a moment's notice. At camp, we don't always have the ability to run to a store, so we're chalk full of creativity! When you apply your camp savvy to a Halloween conundrum, you’ll quickly turn a what-to-wear nightmare into an easy breezy (possibly cheesy!) costume.

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So, where do you start?  First, channel your inner MacGyver and inventory what you have to work with. Once you know what you have on hand, you can start assessing possible (and fabulous) costumes. Here’s a quick reference guide to get your brainstorm going:

  • Toilet paper? Oooh…. You’re a Mummy!
  • Bandana and plaid shirt? Howdy Cowboy.
  • Bandana and denim shirt? Welcome, Rosie the Riveter!
  • Plaid shirt and some straw? Well hello, Scarecrow.
  • Striped shirt and a beret? We’re waving back at you, Mr. Mime.
  • Yellow sweatshirt and goggles? Beware of Minions.
  • Fancy dress and a little foil? Why, you’re a Princess with a crown.
  • Balloons and safety pins? A bunch of grapes soon appears!
  • A superman t-shirt, glasses, and dress shirt? It’s Clark Kent!
  • An old sheet? Hail, Caesar!
  • An old sheet and scissors? Boo! You’re a ghost!
  • Face paint and clothes that mimic nature? Become any animal under the sun.
  • Headband and pipe cleaners? You have antennaenow choose the bug you want to be.


See where I’m going here? The key is not to copy your goal precisely, but to nail the recognizable characteristics so that everything else will fall into place. And always remember, cardboard and face paint are camp gold. Together, they will go far.

Now go get ‘em tiger… or whatever character you choose to be. And remember to have a happy and safe Halloween

P.S. Loving the idea of camp?  Consider borrowing a camp theme for your costume. How about going as a s’more?  Two pieces of cardboard and some pillow stuffing can create a quick and fun campfire look.



Allison loves live music, the outdoors, and really cheesy jokes. So it stands to reason that she fits right in at camp. She helps raise funds by connecting others to SeriousFun's powerful mission. Her favorite camp joke: What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot!

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