Three Core Values of Camp

Christine Stuart

Christine Stuart
Regional Program Manager, Africa

More than 125,000 children and their families are served each year through SeriousFun's 30 camps and programs—across 4 continents, in over 12 languages. So depending on which camp program you call home, things might be said a little differently—maybe in English, or Hungarian, or Japanese, or Swati. But the core values shared by SeriousFun camps and programs, those are universal.

Wherever and whenever a SeriousFun camp program takes place, safety, love, and respect shape every detail, from facility preparations to sing-a-longs. Because it's the people who live these values—our campers, staff, and volunteers—who create camp magic.



We prioritize being safe and feeling safe—because both matter.


Safety is our first core value because the physical security and health of our campers, staff, and volunteers is always our #1 priority. It's why SeriousFun camps house state-of-the-art medical facilties and why experienced medical professionals are always on-site.  At camp, safety also refers to the emotional safety of our camp family. We create safe spaces for campers, staff, and volunteers to grow, which means there’s no room for bullying or teasing. Safety is our foundation.



Love means high fives, late-night cabin chats, and belly laughs.

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Between endless weeks in a hospital room and being the only kid taking medication at lunch, it's no secret that serious illness can make families and children feel isolated. No matter their circumstances, we want campers and families to know that they're not alone. That’s why community is at the core of our programming. The result? An outpouring of love, understanding, and care that radiates so much warmth it's tangible. 



We accept each other just as we are—kids first, patients second.


We insist on treating one another with respect because our people (campers, volunteers, and staff!) are some of the most talented, empathetic, and courageous people we know. We believe that a little kindness goes a long way. That’s why you’ll see us say (sometimes creatively!) “thank you,” “I’m sorry,” and “please.” Through mutual respect we build each other up, fostering inclusion along the way.

SeriousFun camps and programs are centered around these values because we want to live in a world where safety, love, and respect are at the foundation of every doctor visit, school day, work place, and interaction. It's these core values that remain at the heart of our mission: to create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond illness and discover joy, confidence, and a world of possibilities, always free of charge (of course, in founder Paul Newman's words, all while raising “a little hell”).



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