a special way of creating connections at camp

SeriousFun Camps utilize animal-assisted programs to provide a nurturing environment for children with serious illnesses to experience the therapeutic benefits of interacting with animals. Your support will create opportunities for children to build self-esteem and create lasting memories with their families.

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take a barnyard tour

Join our friend Billie Jo Davis, Barn Director at Victory Junction, as she shows us around Jesse's Horsepower Garage. Here, you'll find animals like horses, donkeys, llamas, goats, cows, rabbits and more that campers can pet and interact with as well as some fun modifications based on campers' abilities and preferences.

meet the animals

Animal-assisted programs at camp foster self-esteem and confidence in campers, many of whom are withdrawn and afraid to trust due to their serious medical conditions; animals have an uncanny way of drawing them out of their shells and helping them to feel safe and less fearful. Meet some of the animals at SeriousFun camps!

Dealer 700x700


Dealer is a gentleman but doesn’t mind getting silly every once in a while - one of our favorite moments is when Dealer dressed up as a Rodeo Clown, alongside Dr. Blaze!

Lemon Camp Boggy Creek 700x700


Lemon can't wait to be a therapeutic service dog at Camp Boggy Creek this summer! She'll be coming to camp during cancer session to meet new friends, have some fun, and just be her adorable self!

GusGus (1)


Gus Gus is a Scottish Highland Miniature Cow. As sweet as his name, he brings joy to all the campers in the barn. Gus Gus loves scratches, being brushed, and getting his picture taken - he's truly legendairy at Camp Boggy Creek!
Indy 526x700


Indy is a kind and charismatic horse. As a past endurance horse, named after the Indy 500, he is strong, patient, and understanding. Indy and Camp Boggy Creek Camper "Mo" are the best of friends. At camp, Mo said, “I love Indy. He’s so nice to me, so I know he loves me too. I am so glad I came this year and saw Indy.”

missy 700x649
Missy is a mustang born in northern California. Missy has worked with many people over the years ranging from youth in foster care and youth with serious medical conditions to incarcerated adults. Missy has been involved in close to 1,000 people’s lives!

how animals help heal

Animal-assisted programs contribute to improved emotional well-being, enhanced social skills, and increased resilience among campers. Your support creates positive effects that extend beyond the camp experience, creating a lasting legacy of healing and hope for our campers and their families.


Horses enable children to build emotional connections, fostering trust and confidence through activities like riding sessions, grooming, and feeding. Meet "the herd" at The Painted Turtle.


Dogs provide emotional support and companionship, helping children develop confidence, emotional intelligence, and respect for others. Meet the therapy dogs at Dynamo Camp.


Interactions with animals provide campers comfort, emotional support, and calming moments. View more special camper-animal moments of connection.

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start a fundraiser

You can help raise funds for kids with serious illnesses! Create your fundraiser, set a goal amount, and start fundraising. Make your fundraiser extra fun by naming it after one of our barn yard animals!


Camp friends and llamas


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